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Travelling is more than sightseeing only, it is also learning, getting to know the real live and challenges of the locals and the country. The Dutchman creates behind the scenes experiences. The compactness of the Netherlands allows exciting tailor-made excursions. Let me share with you places I visited and fall in love with.

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The Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium: the oldest working orrery in the world

The Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium is an 18th-century orrery in Franeker (a city in Friesland in the Northern part of The Netherlands). The orrery was built from 1774 to 1781 by Eise Eisinga. Although Eisinga was moderately gifted, he was not allowed to go to school. When he was only 17 years old he published…

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Dutch Masters from the Hermitage back in Amsterdam till May 27, 2018

A truly unique and once in a lifetime exposition of no less than 63 of the Dutch Golden Age painting collection of the State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, are now on display in Amsterdam. Spectacular treasures, including world-famous masterpieces like Rembrandt’s ‘Flora and Young Woman with Earrings’, one of Frans Hals’ renowned male portraits…

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Step back in time at the Zaanse Schans

Koog aan de Zaan, April 2017… Many clients are looking for ‘off the beaten path’ experiences, avoiding the crowd and visits that make them feel special. But they still want to see the international famed icons of our country. The perfect match I find is the 18th century Zaanse Schans windmill village, just 20 minutes’…

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See, make and say cheese

Amsterdam, April 2017… It’s that time of the year again. Many outdoor activities are taking place. From now till September 29th, every Friday, the traditional Cheesemarket in Alkmaar is held. Say cheese. In the Middle Ages, it was common practice to establish a guild for every profession, the cheese carriers established theirs in 1593. Nowadays,…

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The Dutchman visits Het Concertgebouw

Amsterdam, March 2017… I was so excited to give you a behind the scenes visit of The Concert Hall. This historic classical music venue is one of the leading music halls in the world. Many legendary artists have performed here like Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and Bernard Haitink. But also, world famous pop stars and…

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Mondriaan and De Stijl movement

Amsterdam, March 2017… The Netherlands is celebrating ‘100 years De Stijl’ in 2017. An artistic movement based around straight lines and primary colors. Piet Mondrian is a role model for all De Stijl artists. Even today, the principles of De Stijl continuous to inspire many Dutch designers like Hella Jongerius, Maarten Baas, Joris Laarman and…

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Tulips as far as you can see

Amsterdam, March 2017… Holland is world famous for its beautiful and colorful flowers. Now is the right time for your clients to enjoy the magic fields of flowers. The Dutchman offers special themed programs. Between March 23 and May 21, most tourist pay a visit to the Keukenhof gardens where 7 million flower bulbs bloom…

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Royal Leerdam Crystal

Leerdam, February 2017… Are you a fan of crystal art objects and tableware? Then a visit to Royal Leerdam is a must see. Founded in 1878 and with a Royal title since 1953. Royal Leerdam Crystal offers beautiful hand crafted and mouth blown objects d’art and ornamental pieces. The brilliantly clear Cristal Superieur is Europe’s…

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Dutch Silvermuseum Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven, February 2017… In beautiful Schoonhoven the Dutch Silver Museum is located since 1978 in the former Port Barracks. The museum highlights all facets of silver, including lesser-known applications such as mobile phone and botox. On June 5, 2014, Princess Beatrix (our former Queen) opened the exhibition Royal Gifts in honor of the reopening of…

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The Dutchman visits Maastricht

Maastricht is a city and municipality in the southern Netherlands. It is the capital of the province of Limburg and also the largest municipality in the province. On The Dutchman’s YouTube channel I will tell you about the highlights of my visit. Watch my vlog on The Dutchman’s YouTube Channel >>>

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