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Amsterdam, September 2020...

Due to the measures surrounding COVID-19, the well-known sailing experience during the ninth edition of the festival will be skipped for a year. However, a new theatrical walking experience will be introduced: the Light Walk. This walk will take place from Thursday December 10, 2020 to Monday January 3, 2021 and is dedicated to nature with the theme 'When Nature Calls'.

During the Light Wal we will invite you to go on a stroll through the eastern part of Amsterdam Center. Via WhatsApp, you'll receive videos, photos and voice messages from creative director and theater maker Lucas De Man during the walk. In this way you'll learn - in a story packed with humor and information - about light art, the city and nature. The walk is interactive, for example the visitor decides for himself whether he wants to delve into light art or if he wants to know more about the city and its history.

These images represents the Amsterdam Light Festival from former years!

Light festival
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