October 19, 2021...

Five tulips...




Working with René has been such a pleasant, lovely experience. He had been recommended to us and he exceeded our expectations.

We wanted to organize an Award Weekend for our Top Salesmen in the Hague, last year. Because of Corona, we had to postpone it, only a few days before the event should have started, till beginning of September this year.
René has been great throughout the entire process, over the 2 years: his charismatic personality aside, he has been so reliable and pro-active and accommodating to all our needs, making it a very special weekend for my colleagues. He found a really special hotel for them, with a ballroom as location for the award dinner, then common and individual activities for the colleagues to do in the Hague, as well as booking places and buying tickets. Moreover, he offered a perfect selection of dinner venues for the colleagues, to go to the restaurant of their choice, and made the necessary reservations. He waited for the colleagues to arrive at the hotel, handing them their individual information package (with tickets and reservations), making sure they have everything they needed, he supervised the hotel arrangements and made improvements on the spot, he accompanied the colleagues for the common activity and lunch, making sure they were being perfectly taken care of.

We have never met in person, but we’ve had online meetings and calls and e-mails, so, even from the distance, I‘ve had the certainty and peace of mind that René was there and that he would make sure our event would run smoothly and turn out great, which it has. René has been available for all my requests, no matter the time: late evening, weekends and I cannot emphasize more how incredibly helpful and valuable his support has been for us!
Not to mention that he managed to keep the hotel reservations and budget for one year and, for his part, he kept his honorary the same as last year.

My colleagues have all come back to me with how happy they’ve been with their award weekend, so this is the highest form of appreciation for a job very well done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, René and The Dutchman!

Simona-Maria Mihail
Executive Assistant to the Executive Management Team
Gonvarri Material Handling