The Dutchman speaks about to do

Still wondering what to do when you visit us? In this blog a view examples of activities I’ve done myself. You can also have a look at my ‘To do’ page. Or just tell me your wishes and we will come up with some great ideas.

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Always wanted to cook as a master chef?

Amsterdam, February 2019… Located in the old harbor of Amsterdam, master chef Leo will assist you creating a delicious lunch or dinner at his cooking studio. First, he’ll take you to the farmers market to learn about our Dutch local products. See the vegetables in the garden, the cows in the meadow, have a cheese…

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Vincent van Gogh, through the eyes of his mother

October 2017… What do we actually know about the life of Vincent van Gogh and that of his mother? There are quite a lot of people who know that Vincent has made beautiful paintings, cut a piece of his ear after a quarrel with colleague Gaugain, and had a hard life. But what did Vincent…

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Thank God, I’m a country boy?

Middenbeemster, April 2017… Thank God, I’m a country boy. Not a phrase I would say very often, but discovering this farm in the Beemster made me rethink. What a great place to visit the stables, enjoy the scenery and make cheese from fresh milk. If you’re into outdoor sports you can also do some skeet…

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