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Accommodaties in Holland

The Dutchman has personally selected a range of inspiring places to stay in. Indulge yourself in luxury or maybe you prefer to experience unusual or typical local places. Look beyond Amsterdam, Holland offers many surprises. Get in touch and we’ll find you the perfect stay!

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Classic luxury

Investments and exciting new high-end hotels have resulted in a tremendous upgrade in quality and variety of unique contemporary luxury accommodations. Holland is the new “Luxury place to stay”.

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Looking for creative, architectural and innovative locations? Amsterdam is the place to be. Recent developments have turned Amsterdam into an ultimate cosmopolitan capital, maintaining its 17th century charm and friendliness.

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Within short distances from the bustling Dutch cities you will find a wide array of charming places. Discover the countryside and its beauty. Wake up between the tulip fields, have breakfast on an estate or see the sun set in the sea. Holland is the perfect fly & drive destination, easily exploring the whole country in a few days.

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Not for everybody but if you are looking for something different, you will be surprised how fun and memorable your stay can be. Submerge yourself in quirky and unusual places. Accommodations that have their own je ne sais quoi, distinguishing them from their peers and enticing travelers’ attention.

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Looking for a charming and intimate setting? These hotels cater a distinct and personal experience. Something that is unique to the local market. Located in vibrant areas near cool restaurants, culture and shopping. Small touches that make your guests smile and give them memorable moments.

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Get the ultimate local experience in converted private residences. Historic buildings turned into your home away from home, with personal service and ambiance.

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On the water

Most of the Netherlands is below sea level. Water and water management are one of our country's most important topics. What could be more exciting than choosing your accommodation on water for a relaxing and enchanting feeling. Enjoy!


During the Renaissance, Dutch castles transformed into residences. These historic monuments are converted into museums, hotels or restaurants. Within their quiet walls you still have the pleasure of moving back in time.


Apartments offer flexibility and a genuine sense of freedom.  Serviced apartments have the benefits of a home with the amenities and security of a hotel. Feel part of the place and easily blend your business and leisure travel.

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